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Tips for Integrating Trim on Windows and Doors

Trim can improve the appeal of windows and doors and provide a lasting aesthetic return for those investing in interior decorating services. If you’re adding the trim as part of a DIY project, it’s important to work with experts in getting tips on the integration process. To help, our Monaghan Lumber team highlight several tips for the successful integration of trim within your home.

Buy a Good Quality Blade for the Miter Saw

One of the most common problems DIY enthusiasts encounter is that their tools aren’t designed for professional level work. The most important tool in integrating trim on your home windows and doors will be the blade for your miter saw. Remember that the more teeth the blade has, the better the cut. The blade should have a minimum of 40 teeth. You’ll also require the use of a coping saw, which allows you to cut tight curves.

Adjust Miters for the Perfect Fit

Making an adjustment on the miter box is not always easy when dealing with specific measurements. To ensure you shave the miter for the perfect fit, place a shim against the miter saw fence to change the angle of the cut. For smaller adjustments, move the shim away from the blade, for larger adjustments, move the miter closer. Both pieces will need to be cut precisely for the ideal fit.

Tilt the Trim for Frames That Aren’t Flush

When adding trim to windows you’ll occasionally find the framing isn’t flush to the wall. You can begin resolving this issue by removing some of the drywall so that the trim spans the entire jamb without movement. The molding will now have to tilt down to meet the jamb, and so you can correct this problem by tilting the trim on the bed of the miter box to match its angle on the wall. This will help ensure that ideal fit.

Monaghan Lumber Has What You Need

Our team at Monaghan Lumber is here to help you create the ideal trim for the windows and doors in your home. To learn more on the full range of options available, speak with our trusted team today. Our team is standing-by to guide you and answer your questions.