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The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Prefinished Wood Siding

When people hear “siding,” all too often they think of those cheap plastic panels that used to be sold in TV infomercials.  However, there are also plenty of options in wood siding as well!  Wood siding is a great way to give a modern house a natural  or traditional appearance, without sacrificing usability or energy-efficiency.

In particular, prefinished wood siding can be a good option.   Prefinished wood siding is an excellent option in a variety of cases, particularly if you’re willing to spend a little extra on materials for the sake of speed and efficiency.  So, if you’re looking for reasons to buy prefinished wood siding, we have plenty.

5 Reasons to Buy Prefinished Wood Siding

1.No problems due to weather

When constructing or renovating a home, the weather can have a huge impact on when – or even if – you are able to have it painted.  Depending on the type of paint being used, a full coat of external paint can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks to fully cure and dry.  That means a single rainstorm or other weather events could cause significant problems and delays.

With prefinished wood siding, this simply isn’t an issue.  It can be installed without checking the weather forecasts, with no extra time needed to dry.

2.Year-round installation

This dovetails with point one.  Since prefinished wood siding won’t be affected by the weather, it gives you a lot more options in when you have it installed.  This can sometimes even lead to cost savings if you plan your renovations wisely.  You can hire contractors during the off-season and possibly pay lower rates, rather than having to do the work in the busy spring or summer months.

3.Full quality control

It can be difficult for even the most experienced house-painter to fully paint a home’s exterior without leaving some minor mistakes.  Drips, streaks, oversprays, or lap marks are all likely to occur.  Now, some may like the “handmade” feel of a painted home… but when you choose prefinished wood siding, you get a fully quality-controlled product.  Every piece of siding will have a consistent, perfect finish with no defects.

4.Save money on installation

Prefinished wood siding may cost more to purchase, but in many cases, you make up for it in terms of time saved.  Finished siding can be completely installed much more quickly than if the house needs to be sided and painted, plus you avoid hiring specialists to handle the painting.  In many cases, this can easily balance out the extra cost of the siding itself.

5.Easier maintenance

Since prefinished siding is already UV and weather resistant, that means it will be slow to lose color definition over the years. In addition, many solid colour finishes are factory warrantied for up to 15 years before a re-coat may be required.

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