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Great Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is an amazing addition to a home, adding significant value while being a genuine pleasure in your day-to-day life. While having a hardwood floor does carry some responsibilities with it, the natural beauty of wood is well worth the small effort required. In addition, properly caring for your hardwood floor can have health benefits as well.

At Monaghan Lumber Specialties, we want to see everyone love and enjoy their wood products for years to come, so here are some vital tips for preserving your hardwood flooring!


Five Ways to Maintain a Hardwood Floor


  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

While there are generalized tips for maintaining hardwood, ultimately no one will know better how to protect it than the flooring’s own manufacturer. Always ask for a care sheet when you buy hardwood flooring and follow the directions diligently. That alone, will save you plenty of maintenance headaches and help to ensure any warranty conditions are met.


  1. Sweep and vacuum at least once a week

Dirt, grime and other gritty particles are terrible for hardwood floors. They act like sandpaper, wearing down the finish -and then the wood itself- with every step someone takes. If you keep your hardwood free of gritty material the finish will look better and last longer. Cleaning mops that utilize a cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth are great for getting the last bit of dirt and dust that vacuums and brooms can leave behind; always check with the flooring’s manufacturer to ensure the correct cleaning solution is being used. In addition, entrance mats outside of doors can help keep dirt off the floor before it even gets there.


  1. Control the Humidity

Many issues with wood flooring are caused by improper or lack of humidity control. Having a humidifier unit on a furnace does not mean the humidity will always be ideal. These units need to be properly configured and maintained and even then do not ensure humidity will be consistent throughout the building. When investing in hardwood flooring also purchase a good quality hygrometer that can be placed in an easily viewable area. The climate in Ontario is tough, we have very dry winters and very humid summers meaning humidity control is a year round responsibility. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations and requirements to ensure their product performs as intended. If no recommendations are available the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) suggests maintaining a relative humidity between 30% and 50% to keep your wood floor stable. There are other health benefits to properly maintaining your homes humidity as well, see chart below.



  1. Avoid allowing standing water

While hardwood floors are protected by a finish, standing water is still potentially very damaging to them. Left alone, the water will eventually make its way through the finish and damage the floor. Be sure to close doors and windows when it rains, always put pans under your plants, and wipe up any spills immediately. If installing engineered wood flooring in a basement, particularly in rural area’s, a battery backup for your sub pump is a worthy investment for peace of mind during rainy blackouts.


  1. Use furniture pads

Never allow furniture to roll or slide around on hardwood flooring – they will scratch the finish. Use furniture pads and leg protectors to prevent direct contact between furniture and the floor. High heels with a sharp point will dent a wood floor and should not be worn on wood flooring.


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