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Discover the Latest Interior Design Trends Set for the 2018 Marketplace

By taking advantage of the latest trends and getting ahead of new trends for the coming year, you can significantly enhance the value of your home on the marketplace. A common misconception is that it takes a huge reno to increase the look and value of your home. While this can be true for some projects, as you will see from our guide, this is not always the case.

Our team at Monaghan Lumber has experience with interior design, and we’ll highlight a few of the 2018 trends.

  • Colourful Kitchens

The most prestigious designers are now building colourful kitchens for homes across the country. The trend is the result of homeowners wanting their properties to stand out. Colourful kitchens will become increasingly popular as buyers look for a distinctive home and choosing the right flooring option to go along with your theme is of the utmost importance.

  • Walls &Trim

Continuing with the theme of colour, floral wallpaper will be an important element in home décor for 2018. Homeowners are turning back toward floral patterns as a way of enlivening the home space and bringing particular colours to living areas. Be sure to incorporate the right trim and mouldings to compliment your walls. Our Monaghan Lumber team can help you through this process.

  • Interior Stains

Interior stains, which are available at Monaghan Lumber, come in a wide selection of vibrant colours that can truly make your home standout. Already found in homes across the country, this option is set to become one of the must-have choices in 2018.

  • Doors

Another way to add distinct value to the home is by upgrading your doors (both exterior and interior). Colourful and distinct doors will be one of the most popular home additions in the 2018, and offer the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to any room. Whether you choose elegant French doors or modern shaker styles, there will be something for you at Monaghan Lumber.

Monaghan Lumber Can Help

We have many interior design options for flooring, trim, doors, and much more. We’re now helping clients understand the trends and improve their home for 2018. To discover latest options, call our team today! Trusted specialists are standing-by to answer your questions.