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How to Align the Height of Windows and Doors In a Home

One of the most important elements to consider within home décor is in blending the elements with your home’s windows and doors. More often than not, the alignment of the windows and the doors is designed so that the property retains its appeal from the outside. This can lead to several design challenges within the home. To help guide you in aligning the windows and doors within your property, we’re highlighting a few tips that can help.

 Remember the Head Height Should be The Same in Each Room

The first element to remember when aligning home windows and doors is that the head height (the top of the window) should be the same within each room. This will usually be around six feet from the floor. While the height of the bottom of the window can vary depending on its size, the top should remain consistent throughout the property to maintain interior décor appeal.

Align Doors by Measuring Door within the Frame

Remember when measuring your home doors that the door frame will be larger than the door itself. If you’re upgrading the doors in your home, you should make sure you have the window head heights matching the top of the door frame and not simply the door. This will help to ensure the interior trim within the home also aligns for that ideal visual appeal. It’s especially important to consider door height when working with folding and French doors, as the sizes vary and there can be a few inches above the operable material within the door.

Work with High Quality Products

It’s critical to work with high quality materials when choosing windows and doors for your home. The structural quality of the material will help to ensure that your interior work looks professionally designed and offers lasting appeal. Our experts can help to guide you within the material selection process and ensure you choose the right product for the windows and doors within your home.

Our trusted team at Monaghan Lumber is ready to guide you in improving the appeal of your home. To discover the latest interior decorating guidance, contact us today!