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Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials utilized in modern construction. Cork flooring is created from the bark of a Cork Oak tree, the bark is harvested from the tree without felling or damaging the tree in anyway. The bark can be harvested from the trees about every 9 years making it one of natures truly renewable resources. Cork is a remarkably resilient material, it’s unique cellular structure and natural elasticity enables it to recover from compression unlike any other natural material. In addition, the cellular structure is very stable and provides excellent sound absorption.

Cork flooring can be used virtually anywhere where excess moisture is not an issue. It is favoured in area’s where prolonged standing is frequent, such as kitchens, due to its natural cushioning properties and is easy to clean. The variegated appearance of cork is ideal for active household since smudges, dust, dirt and other undesirable imperfections blend into the floor more than glossy, smooth finished flooring.

Monaghan Lumber is proud to offer our customers Cork Flooring from Torlys. Please visit our showroom to see samples in person or click the logo view their website.